Located in the Metro Detroit area and serving all southern Michigan.
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Not all equipment in picture

Equipment available for investigations:

Our investigators personal equipment is not listed.
We are constantly reviewing, upgrading, building and modifying our equipment.

Digital camera’s:
Sony Powershot 10.1mp
Sony Nex 12.1 mp
Vivatar Full spectrum 5.1 mp
2-IR trail camera's
B&H 12.1 mp Ir/Full spectrum

Other various digital camera’s

1 - Sj4000 Full spectrum HD
1 - Sony digital 60gb w/ nightshot 
1 - Sony digital 30gb w/ nightshot
1 - Sony handycam Hi-8 w/ nightshot
Digital Audio Recorders:
1-Tascam Dr-07
3-RCA digital recorders
5-Sony digital recorder

Environmental testing equipment:
1-Mel Meter-8704R-REM
1-Extech digital EMF meter
1-digital Thermometer
1-Geiger Counter
1-E pod amp
2-K-2 meters (modified w/ sound)
1-Extech temperature/humidity data logger
2-Portable temperature/humidity displays

Misc. camera equipment:
4-external IR lights (3 custom built)
1-Sima IR light (modified)
1-Seek thermal camera
3-laser grid lights
1-Agama IR web cam

Misc. & experimental Equipment:
1-Ion generator
1-P-SB7 Spirit Box (modified)
1-Ovilus X w/ Display talker
1-Raudive Diode Receiver
1-Am/Fm shortwave radio
4-Thermal trigger lights
2-Motion sensors
2-Audible vibration sensors
1-Touch alarm/trigger object (custom built)
1-Faraday cage
2-Frequency counters
1 pair dowsing rods
1-Geophone (custom built)
2-Touch alarms (custom built)
1-S.P.E.C.T.R. Wand (upgraded)
1-Kinect v.2 for windows
1-Energy speaker
2-EM pumps (custom built)
1-Plasma Ball
2-Strobe lights
1-Ghost touch 1
5-Positive/negative static detectors (custom built)

1- 4 channel DVR with 1TB drive. (2 camera's modified to full spectrum)

Tripods, flashlights, first aid kits, cables, spare batteries, headphones, two-way radios, trigger objects, support equipment, 5000 watt generator (remote locations) etc.
Laptop computers, 1-home computer with 1tb slave drive for video. Video/audio editing software plus the knowledge to use all this equipment correctly.

Our technical department builds and modifies experimental equipment.
Check back for updates

Properly using equipment is the key to getting compelling evidence of paranormal activity. Our team uses many techniques ranging from old school to high technology.