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EMF – ElectroMagnetic Fields

Improper grounding, faulty wiring or wiring errors/breakage in or around your house, your outlets or your appliances can cause an invisible field of electrical energy waves that can be harmful to you and your family.
We have all heard of the possibility that living by electrical power lines can cause cancer or the ongoing debate over the safety of cell phones, the problems of EMF are much more complicated and can be much closer to home than that. We have gone to many homes and found high levels of EMF that were unsafe and the paranormal claims that they wanted investigated were also found to be symptoms of Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (medical conditions caused by exposure to emf fields).
One such case included a small boy who woke with night terrors, nose bleeds, ringing in his ears and a feeling of always being watched. It turned out his house was not grounded and the electrical meter outside the house was on the exact opposite side of the wall from the head of his bed. This child was sleeping every night in an EMF field equivalent to the inside of a microwave. After calling an electrician to have the house grounded, the boys symptoms cleared up as did any reason to suspect paranormal activity.
Please review the list of symptoms below of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (also called Electro Hypersensitivity, Electrosensitivity and Electrical sensitivity) to see if you may be suffering from exposure to EMF in your home.

Insomnia or problems with REM sleep (Causing paranioa, feelings of being watched and the “fear cage” effect)
Tinnitus (ringing or sound in one or both ears)
Memory loss
Difficulty concentrating
Shortness of breath
Flu-like illness
Respiratory illness including bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia
Swollen throat
Dry lips or mouth
Muscle spasms
Pain in the teeth (especially with metallic fillings)
Pain in the legs or soles of the feet
Joint pain
Pelvic or testicular pain
Pains that move around the body
Irregular heart beat
Pain or pressure in the chest
Increased blood pressure
Lowered pulse rate
Eye problems including pressure behind the eyes
Internal bleeding
Hair loss
Digestive problems
Skin rash or other various skin problems
Impaired sense of smell
Possible but “unproven” link to various forms of cancer and childhood lukemia.

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