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Old Mill Museum
Old Mill Museum

Old Mill Museum-Dundee, Mi.

The history:
Built on a site first inhabited by the Potawatomi Indians, the building was first constructed in 1827 as a saw mill along the River Raisin in an area of Dundee convenient for trade routes and commerce. In 1832 Dundee was called “Hub of the Highways” due to the now historic routes intersecting at the villages center.
In 1848, the building began its renovation into a grist mill, completing in 1849 as the 3 story Greek Revival style structure we see standing today. The Grist Mill operated under several owners, grinding buckwheat, flour and feed for the surrounding farmers until 1910 when it was sold to the Dundee Hydraulic Power Company to supply water powered electricity to the village of Dundee.
The old mill building was abandoned in 1924 when Detroit Edison acquired the rights to provide power to the village and remained abandoned until 1931 when the Village Council ordered it torn down, only to discover that it had been bought by none other than Henry Ford.
Henry Ford refurbished the building in 1935-1936, using limestone from the bed of the River Raisin to add an addition as well as hand hewn timber from adjacent land for the foundation. A turbine generator and steam generator were added with foundry and steam boilers to turn the building into a plant producing welding tips for Ford’s main factories.
In 1954, the plant was sold to the Wolverine Manufacturing Company who converted it into a paper mill to produce gasket material for the auto industry until 1970. The Wolverine Manufacturing Company added banquet hall and the Busz Conference Room to the building during their ownership but in December 1970, they sold the old mill and 13.82 acres of land back to the village of Dundee for $1.00.
From 1979 to 1979 the building was used as an ambulance center, youth center, and senior center but in 1981, a group of community volunteers called the Old Mill Restoration Committee took on the challenge of restoring the building and turning it into a museum.
Though much of the building has been renovated and restored over almost 2 centuries, the original frame including the 10” X 10” walnut and oak main beams are the originals and the museum is filled with antiques donated from the people of Dundee and the surrounding areas. It is a wonderful and fitting tribute to the historical significance of this building and the impact it has had to the Village of Dundee and far beyond.

First investigation:
Second investigation here

Investigation date: 04/14/12
Equipment: 2 video camera’s, DVR, still camera’s, 2 voice recorders, 1 recorder w/ diode receiver, Mel meter-rem Pod, 3 - K-2 meters, motion sensors, data logger, EMF meter, Ovilus X w/ DTD, geophone, ghost touch, Ir camera with ir lights.
Baselines: 57° to 70° except basement 50° EMF: Within limits except s.w. corner of archive room (high-wiring in wall?)
Video: Approx. 5 hours (DVR and hi-8 cam)   Ir stills:   112         Photo’s: 561 +

This was the unoffical first joint investigation of the Michigan Paranormal Association
Marter Paranormal Research Team
313 Paranormal Society

Upon arrival, Nancy, a member of the Museum, as well as Spirit World Paranormal Investigations gave us a tour of the museum. They gave us a detailed history of the location as well as reports of any strange occurrences that had happened in or around the property.
After the tour, we met in the conference room to plan our investigation. Free-standing equipment was set up to record through the evening (including video cameras, dvr recorders, geophone, motion sensors, audio recorders, K2 emf meters, data logger, ghost touch sensor and a Raudive Diode receiver) while baseline readings were taken through the museum and investigators were broken into 3 teams led by lead investigators Terri (Marter Paranormal), Jason (313 Paranormal), and Leslie (Marter Paranormal). Mark (Marter Paranormal) would not be in a team but would run the home base, communications, maintain free standing equipment and video log the 3 teams through the night. Equipment was divided among the teams so that each team would be able to run experiments and record findings, and the museum was divided into 3 areas for the teams to investigate in rotating shifts.
Teams were sent out into their areas for shifts of at least 1 hour before meeting in the conference room again to regroup and check equipment before rotating areas.

Front of the museum

Investigation notes:
Investigation notes include malfunctioning equipment several times and new batteries being drained several times. Also included is several personal experiences by different investigators in the same area (3rd Floor) including same experiences, the investigators had to leave the room/area completely. Ballroom- Flashes of lights were unexplainable. Basement-Vanessa’s hair being touched as Leslie felt and said “someone just touched your hair” and possible shadow person, K-2 meters triggering at waist level in smaller basement room with several people but no triggering towards ceiling or floor. Bar area- K-2 activity with lots of Ovilus activity.  Mel meter/rem pod was giving off temperature alarms in areas of the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Evidence Review:
Many instances of unexplained noises within rooms being videotaped with no one in the room. Several flashes of lights in bed area of second floor, captured once on video and one still photo- both seemed too low to be a reflection from window. Heavy breathing was captured several times during recordings with no one in room. Other EVP’s captured were while investigators were talking and cannot be determined of context.

Although physical evidence was minimal we did capture enough to conclude that this area does have some activity. The interesting fact of multiple people having the same experiences (or close to the same) in the same area’s leans more to the science aspect than just feelings. Evp’s when found were clear with only amplification needed although evp’s were recorded as background noise but cannot be determined as to context.
Unexplained background noises cannot be proven or debunked nor can flashes of light on the second floor and ballroom.

Haunted Old Mill Infomation

The Old Mill Museum

Friday May 25th 8pm – 1am 70 degrees
Started investigation with Jenice and Michael from Hemps, Saginaw started in the basement, SWPI and Nancy in the small conference room and C.H.I.P.S. Michigan started upstairs.
1st Floor
We started on the first floor in the ballroom taking readings, pictures and asking questions to check for responses. Mark and Michael went into the Mens bathroom and Jenice and Terri went into the Ladies room to check readings. No signs of any activity in the area from any of the equipment. We checked the bar area but again no signs of any activity.
When we were approaching the area between the basement stairs and the archive room there seemed to be a reaction on the Ghost Meter Pro that Michael was holding and he and Jenice thought they saw something. This could have been a mistaken reading or shadow so we continued to investigate. We went to the show room and investigated. We took readings on our equipment, pictures and started an evp session.
Knock Knock
Mark and Terri went into the archive room. We heard occasional knocking coming from around the room but could not determine from were. While it sounded like it was from high up Mark would say it sounded like it was from one side of the room then the next would sound to Terri from the other side of the room but either way, it was not fast, steady, rhythmic or predictable in any way. It sounded more like someone moving around trying to get our attention but the second floor is not above the archive room. We finally decided to ask “Is somebody there?” We heard a knock. “Is that you knocking?” We heard a knock. “Can you knock again?” you heard another knock. “Ok, can you knock again for us please?” another knock “Can you knock 2 times so we know it’s you?” we heard 2 knocks, “Can you please knock 3 times?” we heard 3 knocks.
Who’s There?
Michael and Jenice stayed in the show room and investigated around the timeline when they briefly saw a shadow run by again. They continued to get readings on the Ghost Meter Pro whenever they would ask a question to the shy shadow they had nicknamed “Little Turtle”.
2nd Floor
After a brief break, the teams rotated and Mark and Terri went upstairs with Jenice and Michael from HEMPS.
During our first investigation of the Old Mill Museum, Marter Paranormal had stationary cameras on the second floor so this time; we first went to the third floor and positioned stationary video cameras on the third floor covering every angle. We also placed K2 meters, a static detector and a Geophone within view of the camera’s in case they were triggered.
After all equipment was in place and activated we proceeded to the second floor and took baseline readings and pictures before beginning our investigation. All was quiet at first but after about 20 minutes, Jenice, Mark and Terri sat down at the kitchen table while Michael continued to ask questions and the Ghost Meter Pro started to go off. Jenice started to tape and Mark and Terri photographed and took audio recordings while Michael continued to ask questions referring to “Little Turtle” and the Ghost Meter Pro kept giving responses to questioning including counting up to 10 upon request.
This continued until the designated time for our team to investigate the upper floors ran out so we gathered our gear from both floors and met up with the other teams in the conference room.
After a brief meeting with the other teams and our goodbyes, we packed our gear and called it a night.
Evidence Review:
Knocking – While it did seem strange and beyond coincidence that we were able to hear knocking in response to questions and even 2 or 3 knocks in response to a request, there is no way to rule out that they were not a natural occurrence and therefore we cannot judge it to be paranormal.
Ghost Meter Pro – While there was a lot of activity and seemingly direct response to questions from this device during the investigation, we have recently discovered that the reliability of this device has come into question as it has 4 different mode settings and each setting requires specific usage. Michael left HEMPS shortly after the investigation and we cannot confirm what mode he was using the meter in or if he was using it correctly as this equipment can be easily misused causing false readings. While the activity was “exciting” it cannot be considered conclusive or scientific in any way as it is so questionable and therefore it must be disregarded.
Audio – There were many questionable audio clips gathered but after extensive joint review by members from Marter and HEMP they were each debunked or at best found questionable in nature, therefore none of them can be claimed as paranormal. No usable EVP’s were gathered on this investigation.
Video – While there were no visual effects caught on the second floor, there were several instances where unknown noises were caught by the video cameras in what seemed to be just out of visual range. This seemed to be very strange as we had the entire third floor blanketed where all cameras were in view of other cameras but nothing was recorded as causing the noises that were heard. Jenice gathered video of Michael getting activity on the Ghost Meter Pro including a count of 10 upon request but this had to be discounted for reasons stated above.
While the Old Mill Museum seems to be very active with enough excitement and personal experiences for everyone, whatever is there, paranormal or not, is at least very camera shy and unfortunately does not yet seem ready to step up to the microphone. We were unable to gather any tangible evidence but there have simply been too many reports of personal experience for us to completely dismiss it. There were plenty of reports from people on multiple occasions of spotted shadows running by, knock-knocks, hair pulls and things that go bump in the night so whether it is “Little Turtle” or someone detected from previous investigations like the Old Farmer, Indian Woman, or lost boy, we highly recommend the Old Mill Museum for at least a very enjoyable and memorable evening.

A special "Thank you" goes out to everyone at

Spirit World Paranormal Investigations
And the Old Mill Museum.

Case status: Closed until next investigation