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David Stewart Farm
David Stewart Farm

David Stewart Farm,
Civil War Field Hospital & Colonial Homestead.

Date: Saturday Aug 6th
Time: 2:32pm – 2:59pm
Temp: 79° F. Raining
Equipment: Ovilus X, Camera, Full spectrum camera,
K-2 w/ sound, Ghost Radar application, Sony camcorder,
Ghost box, Franks box, audio recorders

Because of the prior event on the grounds and the walk thru with the homeowners we started this investigation later than planned. We concentrated on the barn since there was nobody else out there so there would be the least amount of contamination to any data or readings gathered. Unfortunately, due to obligations we had to shorten the investigation time.


You hear an engine. The Ghost radar on Marks phone says “engine” Mark and I both talk than the ghost radar says "muscle".

When Mark starts up the "franks Box" it says "Hello" followed by Mark saying "did you hear the "hello"?

During the investigation, Mark says “is there anybody who would like to communicate with us, we have several methods to communicate with us” this is followed by almost a minute of chatter on the Franks box that we could not make out, than at 10m2s (on recorder) the Ovilus X says “Explain”. Terri follows by explaining some of the equipment that is set out so that the spirits can communicate with us.

Terri inside the barn

What we found:
One possible EVP and many energy spikes in areas of the barn where there should be no energy readings. A possible “hello” from the Franks box.
A few situations regarding interesting responses to a muscle engine and “explain” when told there are several ways to communicate. These can be considered circumstantial but it doesn't rule out paranormal acitivity. Next time we will plan an investigation under more controlled conditions. Marter Paranormal would like to thank all those involved with the gathering event and letting us investigate this location.


Pump house