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The International Museum of Spiritual Investigations

Basement Report

I have never thought that a person from our past would contact us, but it appears that my father may have made contact and possibly in several ways. Due to the sensitivity of this conversation and the length (37 minutes=15 pages) it has been edited, just the highlights are being released for public view.

Terri (T)
Matt (MT-from I.M.S.I-using dowsing rods)
Mark (MK- Entered basement later)
Ovilus (O) answers
Commentary is in Red

Terri and Matt went downstairs at 3m40s into recording.

O – Dictionary Mode
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX EDITED-small talk while the investigation started XXXXXXXXXXXXX
O – Manual (The Ovilus program lists the word "manual" not the name "Manuel")
T – Manual? Flash flash flash (taking pictures) You can hear speaking from upstairs. Is there someone here who would like to speak with us?
K2 goes off
O – word
T – that was interesting
Mt – is there a gentleman here right now?
T – what was your name again?
Mt – Matt
T – Matt, ok, I’m sorry
Mt – Is there a gentleman by the name of Emmanuel down here?
O – not that
Mt – what was that?
T – I think it said numb
Mt – is something about you numb?
O – project
T – project?
Mt – I’m getting signs saying over that way
O – son
Mt – what was that
T – I’m not sure what it said. Is something over here you’re trying to tell me you wanted me to see? Are you trying to show me something over here?
O – Breoze? (Very close to our family name)
T – what did it say?
Mt – bones?
T – did it say bones or phone?
Mt – I think bones
O – modern
T – flash (taking pictures) modern?
Mt – lauder? What the heck?
T – lauder or modern?
Mt – was that modern you just said? (using dowsing rods) yea modern
T – coughs, you know Marks father died recently and his fathers name was Manual.
Mt – Ahhhhhhhhhh
T – flash (taking pictures)
Mt – are you marks father?
O - ?????????? ( cant make it out – at 10m33s)
Mt – what was that?
T – I don’t know
Mt – I just got a yes on here.
T – Are you Marks father?
Mt – are we currently speaking to Marks father down here?
O – word
T – word, hablo espanol?
O – liturgy XXXXX See Below XXXX
Mt – what was that?
T – I don’t know. Were you in the army?
Mt – I got a yes on the rods
T – are you from Michigan
O - ??forch??? (unknown)
K2 goes off
Mt – do we have someone from Michigan or Michigan state?
T – (Mumbled something)
O – two
Mt – who? Michigan state?
T – are you from, are, you mean are you from the state of Michigan?
Mt – no, I asked if it was from a university
T – oh, I meant from…
O – Terri
T – …the state, I meant Marks father.
Mt – yea
T – from living in Michigan
Mt – well I thought I was gonna say are you a wolverine, but I didn’t know if he was a wolverine or a Spartan
T – oh, I was trying to see if it was Marks father because he lived in Michigan
Mt – well yea, that’s why, cause this started to hit over here (k2 goes off) like it is right now so I was just trying to make more connection with him, you know what I mean?
T – yea, Marks, Marks father didn’t go to university though he was in the army but… Are you Manual?
O - ??inner??
Mt – what was that?
T – inner?
K2 goes off
T – is that you pops?
Mt – oh yea, that’s a strong yea (using dowsing rods)
O - ??efoust??
T – host?
Mt – most?
Mt – is that host or most?
T – I don’t know. Will have to hook it up to the computer later on but that will take time. (Coughs)
O – Son
T – son
Mt – is your son upstairs?
K2 goes off
T – thing is Manual didn’t believe in this
Mt – what
T – Manual didn’t believe in this though
Mt – a lot of people don’t until they are dieing
T – Pops, did you, did you come out here with your baby boy?
O – about
K2 still going off
Mt – that’s rising
T – did you come out here with your baby boy?
T – I’m gonna try..
O – Liturgy
T – he keeps saying that
Mt – is he saying liturgy?
T – Possibly. What is liturgy though?
Mt – was he uh, was he…
O – Terri
Mt – spiritualized and religious?
T – not until the very end, the very end right before he passed away
Mt – that would probably make sense, because if he’s coming back as a spirit and he doesn’t believe in spirits…
K2 goes quiet
T – I turned the sound off
Mt – …until after death…
O - ??broke or no???
Mt - …or until close to death, it would make sense that he would be able to come back, you know what I mean?
T – hmmm
Mt – cause, to, at the end he would start to come around and realize different things. The way a lot of people do with death, a lot of people find God when they’re on a death bed, you know what I mean.
T – um hmm. That’s how he was, he had cancer.
Mt – ok
T – and it was right before he died that Marks sister brought her church over and he finally, umm, you know, confessed to God, and was able to accept Jesus and it was days before he passed away, so.
T – Manual, is that you?
O - ???16m20s???(unknown)
T – is that you?
Mt – Emmanuel, did you see things..
T – not Emmanuel, Manual.
Mt – oh, Manual. Manual, did you see things…
O - ??most??
Mt - …close to uh your, your passing on time that made you change your mind upon what you thought was real or not? Did your daughter help you to realize those things?
O – still?????
Mt – what was that?
T – I don’t know, I’m gonna turn the sound back on in here
K2 goes off briefly
XXXXXXXXXXX EDITED XXXXXXXXXXXXX Personal question anwsered correctly
K2 goes off
T – no?
Mt – actually I am getting a yes over here
O – Yes
Mt – yes
T – (Breathes)
Mt – huh? That’s correct?
K2 goes off
O – Si (spanish for yes)
T – Si, Si!
T – Ok, did uh, did Mark used to make you refried beans?
T – Nope?
T – Did you used to make Mark refried beans?
O – ???oellette????
Mt – quiet
T – yea, when mark was younger he said you made the best refried beans. You never taught him how to though, I wish you had. Ummm, ok.
MK – Terri? (from upstairs)
T – Yes!
MK – ok, how you doing?
T – ummmmm, you might find this rather interesting…
Mark starts walking down the stairs
K2 starts going off
Mt – Oh, right when he’s coming down it sounds like
MK – (Mumbles something)
T – huh?
MK – whats up?
T – it seems that we’ve made contact with something down here.
MK – very cool
T – asked his name, he said it was Manual, a spirit from Michigan who said his son was upstairs
MK – Oh Really
T – uh yea, so I started asking questions, it said liturgy. I asked if it was your father it said yes, it said si.
O - ???abunifff???19m45s (unknown)
O – Portal
MK – did you get this on recording?
T – um well a lot of it was through the dowsing rods
MK – ok
T – so a lot of it is not recorded
MK – that’s fine
T – but some of its through here so, I
O – Jane or change
T – I didn’t know how you’d take it or not
MK – that’s fine, that’s cool
T – But it seems like it’s your father, so, if you want to ask him questions I’ll turn the sound off on here but its, its, it comes and goes
Mt – well, I noticed it really started to spike when he started to come down.
T – yea. It it it quieted down for a while then as soon as you came down the stairs, well, listen to it.
K2 still going off strong
MK – are you here dad? Are you here? Are you still here?
O - ??ho nee?? 21m (unknown) (possible "go easy" which dad said often)
Mt – I got a yes on here (dowsing rods)
MK – Will you set them back to where they belong? I have more questions to talk to you about.
MK – did they go back? Oh they sure did, didn’t they! Umm
Mt – Oh, they’re all hitting right now.
MK – Are you reunited with all your family? Did everyone show up there? Linda and your dad and your mom?
MK – Oh that’s pretty wild
K2 calms
O – sight
T – I can’t understand everything…
Mt – it sounded like sight
MK – that’s wild that he would be here in Gettysburg
T – unless he came on vacation with you
MK – yea, following us. Have you been watching over me since you passed away? Have you been with me?
T – one of the questions I asked earlier was did you come on vacation with your baby boy and he said yes
MK – That’s wild
T – Yea, that’s..he said before he passed away that he really liked our and
O – Flowers
T – where we lived and everything
MK – yea
T – remember? He was really proud of you so…
MK – wow. We miss you dad
K2 goes off
Mt – He sent a hug (using the dowsing rods)
MK – yea
T – (laughing) that’s a hug alright
Mt – yea
T – (laughing, it’s a ???)
O – Portal or foretell
T – Portal?
MK – Can you show yourself to me dad? I’d like to see you again.
O – Fost or most?? 24m35s
T – most?
MK – is that the most you can do?
T – you want me to turn off the flashlight you can take some pictures with your…
MK – this is fine…
T - …spectrum..
MK – just hope I get something…
O – hurry or sorry
T – hurry?
MK – hurry? Where are you?
T – can you point with the dowsing rods where you are?
MK – where are you? Are you right in front of me
Mt – that’s what he said
MK - don’t ever tell Maria about this because she will freak out
T – oh I know
MK – You know Maria will freak out if she finds out about this dad, you know she will
T – don’t tell Ma or Tina either cause they will tell Maria
O – Maria
Mt – was that hurry again?
K2 goes silent
T – I don’t know, it sounded like free?
Mt – agree maybe?
T – agree? Maybe?
MK – maybe
MK – Dad was proud of all of his kids
T – Well yea. I think in the end one of his greatest joys was coming over to the house, kicking back on the couch, watching the game, having a beer with you.
MK – yea
O - ???honor??26m21s
MK – pointing over at that now huh?
K2 goes off
T – You over by our toys? I shouldn’t have put that (the k2) over by the recorder, its gonna blow out some ear drums
Mt – laughs
K2 goes quiet
T – You still here Pops?
MK – So you just hang out at the house with us huh? Decided to go to Gettysburg?
O – sure
T – you like all the, all the Monuments here?
K2 sounds briefly
MK – I know for a fact he has never…
O – others
MK …been to Gettysburg in his lifetime
K2 sounds briefly again
T – well, maybe that’s why he wanted to come
MK – maybe
Mt – well, if you watch the time continuum thing he might have known you guys were coming here
MK – yea
Mt – I mean he might have thought here’s my chance to speak to my son again
T – he was alive the last time we came, did you tell him about how much we enjoyed it? How wonderful it was?
MK – I’m pretty sure I did, I talked to him about a lot of things
O – Ask
T – Ask. What do you want us to ask? What do you want us to ask dad? We’ve got a recorder here dad, you want us, is there something you want us to tell Mom?
O – Yes
MK – What do you want to tell Mom?
K2 goes off again
T – I’m going to turn off the sound on the k2
Mt – I think that’s going
O – sight
Mt – Hug again

This was the last of the Ovilus conversation but we still received anwsers from the dowsing rods and K-2. The rest of the conversation is personal.

The next morning with no knowledge of this investigation, our team member Leslie reported to us another strange occurance. The following morning while Terri and I were getting ready for photographs, Leslie posted on facebook, asking if my father had passed. While surfing pictures, she had gone to our wedding pic and saw a man standing between us with his hands on our shoulders. My father was not at my wedding.


noun \ˈli-tər-jē\
plural lit·ur·gies
1. often capitalized : a eucharistic rite
2. : a rite or body of rites prescribed for public worship
3. : a customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances