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Jackson Prison
Jackson Prison

Jackson State Prison - Jackson, Mi.

The history:

Located in the original heart of Jackson, MI. Jackson State Prison (also known as Michigan State Prison) was approved by legislation in 1838 and upon receiving its first prisoners in 1839, became Michigan's first prison.
Starting as a row of cabins the prisoners helped to construct the first permanent structure in 1842 and from the beginning had to deal with constant overcrowding despite the continued addition of new buildings. At its peak capacity, the prison housed around 2,200 inmates in four cell blocks and a dormitory.
Jackson prison had its own factories, tailors, blacksmiths, farm and even a band. When Michigan became the first state to abolish the Death Penalty it was decided that a person could be sentenced to a life of solitary confinement. The solitary row at Jackson prison is where the term “Lifer” was born before this sentence was ruled cruel and unusual punishment.
In 1926 the prison was relocated to a new complex in Blackman Township. The original Jackson State Prison closed its doors in 1934 and the new prison was renamed the State Prison of Southern Michigan in 1935.
The original 1842 site was used as a Michigan National Guard armory for some time, and now houses residential apartments.

The Investigation:
October 15, 2011
Temperature:50 F
Humidity: 65%
Barometric Pressure 29.8 Hg
Wind speed: 9 mph (west)

Upon arrival, our guide took us on a tour of the facility so that we could see the entire area in the daylight and hear the history of the prison and the outbuildings. We saw the location of the original cells, the outbuildings and walls, the location of the pea riots, the tunnels, solitary confinement, the studio and the apartment. Once the tour finished, we broke up into 3 separate teams to investigate.
The areas of most activity noted during the investigation were solitary confinement, the tunnels and the artists studio which used to be a prison cell area. Mark first went to the tunnels with Matt and Vanessa. Being that Vanessa was the only girl in the tunnels of a prison, Mark asked her to ask some questions and she got some positive responses on a K2 meter.

Full spectrum

While in the artists studio, formerly a prison cell area, Terri, Leslie and Sherri noticed that the air pressure seemed to get extremely high despite the fact that all windows were opened and they were not in a confined space. All three felt pressure on their ear drums to the point of being almost painful. There were also many reactions on equipment such as the K2 meter and the Ovilus despite the fact that they were sitting in the middle of the studio away from any electrical devices.

solitary confinement


The most interesting area of the investigation was in solitary confinement where the most personal experiences occurred and were witnessed.
First Joe was down with our guests from another team when they saw something moving down the hallway. He asked if whatever was down the hall would whistle for him and they heard a whistle. The other team left and Joe went to get Terri Leslie and Sherri from the studio. Upon leaving the studio the Ovilus clearly said “Goodbye”. When Terri, Leslie, Sherri and Joe returned to solitary, the k2 meter started to go off in areas without any electricity. Joe asked for a whistle and got another one. Leslie asked if they would whistle again and got an EVP response “why?”.

Later, at 9:23 PM, Terri noticed something out of the corner of her eye and looking up everyone saw something go racing right by her down the hallway, missing her by inches. They all gave chase but when they reached the end of the hallway there was nothing there. It was quite a shocking experience witnessed and shared by everyone present.
All in all, it was probably one of the most exciting and active investigations we have been on.

Terri, Leslie, Joe and Sheri in solitary talking about honeypots and methane and what sounds like "Bad Bird".

Sheri asks "were you a pilot?" you hear "WHY?"

Terri, Leslie, Sheri in solitary-
breathy voice "Password."

This historic location has creditable evidence of paranormal activity due to the many EVP's recorded and other evidence collected at this investigation. We at Marter Paranormal will be doing another investigation using our new protocols regarding investigations which should produce better evidence.