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Bath Community School

Bath School Disaster - Bath, Mi.

Present day-A park now occupies the site

The History:
On May 18, 1927, 45 people, mostly children, were killed and 58 were injured when disgruntled and demented school board member Andrew Kehoe dynamited the new school building in Bath, Michigan out of revenge over his foreclosed farm due in part to the taxes required to pay for the new school.

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The Investigation:
10/2 & 10/8/2011
Temp: 62°/ 79°
Conditions: Sunny/ breezy both days
Equipment used: 3 camera's (1 full spectrum), 3 recorders, Ovilus X w/ DTD, Energy Speaker, "franks Box", ghost touch 1, 2- K-2 meters, 1-Anemometer, 1- EM pump, 1-digital EMF meter, thermometer.

This 2 day investigation to explore this location that is reportedly haunted since we are only an hour away. The first day intention was just get some pictures and test out some new equipment so it wasn't a full investigation. We had pre-recorded about 8 minutes of questions to use with the energy speaker and started the recording while setting up the ovilus/dtd unit. Recordings lasted approx. 55 minutes and during this time we walked the grounds taking pictures.

The second trip out was with investigator Joe who has been doing research there for years. Since he had more knowledge of the area he was lead investigator and briefed us of the location before we arrived. Once there we followed our pre-designated game plan on what equipment we would use and procedures we had to follow. At various times during the investigation we would break off into different teams to test different aspects of equipment and theories pertaining to paranormal activity in this area.


We did get several EVP's during our investigation including two that sounded like children screaming but they are very hard to hear without headphones, so we will not post them online. Our second investigation with Joe seems to be more productive.

"Oh My Gosh"
Mark was alone in the pavilion checking the equipment while Joe and Terri were walking up the pavilion when a recorder in the pavilion caught this.

"I’m Here"
Joe had left the pavilion to walk to the northeast area of the property when his recorder picked up this EVP.
Analysis on voice in this EVP matches a voice on many EVPs he has captured in the past claiming to be Andrew Kehoe.


"Come back"

"A Cop"
This is a little boy close by that said "A Cop". We were just talking about the law as a cop car drove by the location and I said, "The law."


During the second investigation, we did have the Ovilus change modes several times while using it. In all the times we used this equipment before and after we have never had that happen and we feel it may have been one of the children there playing with the equipment.
"boys will be boys"

"The Thing Reminds Me Of"
This EVP was captured in the pavilion.
Mark and Terri were present at the time starting more equipment while Joe had just walked away to check
on a noise coming from the street.
After analyzing the audio there was a string of several EVPs that seemed to be 2 males talking to each other about the equipment we had on the table.
Due to the fact that we had a franks box in the background and traffic noise,this was the clearest of the evp’s that can be heard without headphones and the one
we decided to publish online.

"Child Yelling"
Joe reporting:
I've caught this EVP so many times in every season. This is a very vocal ghost child. I was listening the other day to EVPs 4 years old and had a lot of this kid doing that same short duration sound at all times of the day. He is one of my favorites.

"What's That"
We cannot confirm whether or not it is an EVP only the "What's that?" is puzzling unless he was responding to all of the equipment up and running at the time.

This was captured from an audio recorder placed in the pavilion.
Joe and Terri were out walking around away from the pavilion with some
equipment to check other areas and Mark was taking pictures near the pavilion of traces of old plumbing he had found.

The conclusion:

Due to the overwhelming response to our testing, the evp evidence captured
and the personal interaction supported by evp evidence, we have
concluded that the area of the Bath school disaster is active.
A special thanks to Joe whose insight and knowledge of this area made this
investigation successful.

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