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Maumee, Ohio residential investigation

Investigators: Mark, Terri, Vanessa and Matt
Investigation: 02/11/12  Final report: 02/22/12
Equipment: Franks box, full spectrum camera, geophone, 2 x k-2 meters, Sony Handycam, Diode Receiver array, 3 digital audio voice recorders, Sony camera's, ghost touch v.1
Baselines: Temp range 71 to 75.5   Emf: 8.3 high end except near furnace (up to) 70.mG
Video:    Approx 85 minutes  Audio: Approx. 150 min.   Photo stills: 95 images (7 full spectrum)

In early 2012, Marter Paranormal Research team was contacted by a mother from Maumee, OH asking for advice and help. Her family lived in a 3 bedroom apartment and strange things were happening that they could not explain. We were more than happy to make the trip and assist.
The History of the Apartment
When we arrived there was a neighbor present to give us a history of the apartment prior to the current family moving in. According to the neighbor, a death had occurred in the apartment before and the residents immediately previous had practiced the occult and had a pentagram drawn on the wall.
The Occurrences
The family has heard noises in the apartment, captured moving lights on video, and smelled a very spicy smell in the room. The dog will stare at the wall then start barking for no reason. In the main bedroom a glass fell once when nobody touched it then one day mom woke up to a little boy asking her to get a toy down from the top shelf and then he disappeared.

Mark and Vanessa

After arriving, some members of our team conducted detailed interviews with the family and a neighbor to get a detailed history of the location and what had been happening in the apartment and surrounding apartments both before and after the family had moved in.
The rest of the team moved around the apartment recording baseline readings and noting areas of concern such as high emf, temperature fluctuation and air flow.
When the interviews were over and baselines and mapping finished we decided to set up equipment in the master bedroom as this was the area with the most activity including the sighting. We set up a Geophone (to detect any vibration) on the bed, 2 K2 meters to detect EMF, audio recorders and a video recorder to record them.
We did a brief EVP session in the master bedroom centered around the child the mother had seen, and suggested he jump on the bed, and then we left the room with the video recorder running.
We did evp sessions, took emf variance readings and did photo sessions through the rest of the apartment and returned to the master bedroom for one more evp audio and photo session.
When we were finished we sat down with the family to speak with them and offer some advise on dealing with what was happening until we had our findings and could follow up with them.

Evidence Review:
Review has found 1 EVP (“don’t go”-sounds like a child) and 2 separate instances of the geophone triggering shortly (less than 1 second) on camera with no one in room. Geophone was on a pillow, on bed (mattress/box combo) and wasn’t triggering until someone was within 5 feet of bed. It is noted that the second trigger (3 flashes-#2 level) was about 30 seconds after Terri and Vanessa left the room and the EVP was recorded right after the door closed.
Client has video with moving orbs but none recorded this time.

There is not enough evidence to conclude that there is paranormal activity connected to this apartment. Because of some unexplained evidence captured, free roaming spirits are a possibility due to close quarters of apartments, a previous death (known) and former tenants practicing the occult in this apartment. Even though we didn’t get many results, it is possible whatever is in the building, may not have been in the apartment at the time.  

Final note:

While following up with the client for plans on a second investigation, she notified us that the apartment building had caught on fire and was destroyed, luckily all her family was safe.

Case status: Closed