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Ypsilanti Museum
Ypsilanti Museum

Ypsilanti Historical Museum
Notice: Y.H.M. has been kind enough to allow us to investigate the museum on several occasions. This is however a museum,  so they ask that no other groups contact them as currently they are not accepting investigation requests from other groups.


The Ypsilanti Historical Museum (The Dow House)
Built it 1860 by Asa Dow, the Dow house was considered an Ypsilanti showpiece, having few houses of its size or beauty. Asa had moved from Chicago and was a prominent businessman in Ypsilanti, founding the First National Bank of Ypsilanti, but when his wife, Minerva (Miles) Dow died on July 12, 1864 at the age of 37, Asa returned to Chicago and in 1865 sold the house and household goods to the Goodrich family for $14,000.
From 1866 – 1879 the house was home to Aaron and Julia Goodrich along with their servants and several boarders. In 1897 they moved to Saline and sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Barnes.
Mr. Lambert Barnes served as the Mayor of Ypsilanti twice, the second time while living in this very house. Mr. Barnes died in 1887 while vice president of the First National Bank of Ypsilanti, the bank founded by Asa Dow. His widow died in 1893. Members of the Barnes family owned the house until 1922 with 2 of the Barnes children, Alice and Robert living in the house alternately until at least 1920.
By 1922 the property was purchased by Laverne Ross who converted it into apartments, covering the original walls with secondary walls for the conversion into 8 apartments and flats. Over the years the property was home to many students and faculty at Michigan State Normal College (Now Eastern Michigan University), Ford’s Willow Run bomber plant, Kaiser-Frazer Car Company and on until 1970.
On May 24, 1966 the City of Ypsilanti purchased the home from the Ross Estate for $44,000 and continued to rent it out as apartments. When the last tenant moved out of the Barnes-Ross House in 1970, the city offered the home to the Ypsilanti Historical Society to convert into a local museum. The house was converted back to a single family dwelling with the false ceilings and walls removed to reveal its original finishes and beautifully stenciled walls with plaster moldings. The museum opened its doors in 1972 after much repair and restoration. In 2006 the city council agreed to sell the home to the Historical Society who purchased it and continues to restore and maintain it to this day.


Investigation date: 05/06/12
Equipment: 2 video camera’s, paranormal puck, still camera’s, 2 voice recorders, 1 recorder w/ diode receiver, Mel meter/rem pod, EMF meter, Ovilus w/ DTD, geophone, ghost touch, Ir camcorder with ir light, motion sensors, K-2 meters
Baselines: Temp’s ranging around 68° in the basement, 1st floor 74° to 76°, 2nd floor 79° to 79° and 83° in attic. EMF levels on all floors were low ranging from 0.0 to 10.5mG
Video: Approx 7 hours (IR, Hi 8, and digital)  Ir stills: Not used    Photo: 298+ stills
Investigators: Mark, Terri, Beverly, Sara, Irvin and 313 Paranormal's Jason, Vinnie and Brian.

Investigation notes: 
Building is an 1860 3 story structure that is now the Ypsilanti Historical Museum with more activity in the basement (archive area) reported during the day. Multiple people have seen apparitions in this area including an older lady in cloak type clothing and a child and have had feelings of being watched. Being a museum, this building is filled (every floor including attic) with antiques including family bibles dating back into the 1800’s
This building is also located just outside the oldest area of Ypsilanti (depot town) and is within a few hundred feet of the Huron River.


Evidence Review:

Multiple responses from the Mel meter in Rem pod mode including intelligent responses to questions and requests, attempts to debunk were not conclusive but leans more to the paranormal aspect, this was captured on video. Multiple EVP’s (30+ ) including intelligent responses with most collected in the basement and first floor due to stationary recorders. Possible shadow person spotted.  Ovilus X said words that were historically linked with the site. Activity was good until around 11:00pm and then it seemed to quiet down. Second floor child’s nursery/play area was closed off behind glass and inaccessible but experiment with the paranormal puck (under door) was successful with varying VDC and EMF readings.

In the attic Terri asks “I wonder who the cribs belonged to” and it sounds like an answer “I don’t know”.

“Whatcha got?” The recorder was in the kitchen. Nobody was near the recorder.

Investigators ask where West Point is at, Connecticut or Maryland and you hear a “No” (West Point is in New York).

You hear someone ask “You worked in the Archives?” while the rempod was going off, then the rempod stops and you hear “Yeah”

Investigator asked “Is this where you cook?” and you hear “Yea” the recorder was left in the kitchen area

In the basement archives, Irvin with the rem pod going off says “Can you give it a solid touch so we know it’s you? Thank you. Can you let it go please?” After a second it goes silent and you hear “Yes”.


Building is active with intelligent spirits but at this time we cannot suggest whether it’s attached to the house, antiques, or both. Since nothing has been reported as negative, we feel no further action be taken except for more research.
 Further research will be collected from known active areas during a second investigation during the day when the building is closed.
 Feelings from our sensitive people onsite coincide with our technical readings in the more active areas of the house including basement and children’s play area on the second floor.
This picture was near the children's playroom/nursery and we found it interesting that the children's faces were clear but the dolls faces were blurry??
Front of the museum after dark.

Rem pod video

Case status: Open pending new evidence-ongoing.