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Oregon, Oh.
Oregon, Oh.
Oregon, Ohio residential
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Terri, Leslie and Mark
Investigation date: 06/16/12     Final Report: 06/24/12
Equipment: 2 Sony Camcorders, Mel meter w/ rem, 2 X K-2 meters, Ovilus X w/ DTD, still cameras, Full spectrum camera, Geophone,
3 X Digital voice recorders.
Baselines: House electrical was in proper order with EMF levels very low with the exception of 1 plug in kitchen- client was advised. Temp: 72.5° to 77° in most of the house except upstairs/attic which were 80°
Video:      3.5 hours        Ir stills: 46 Photos         Photo: 547 Stills

History of area
Major tornadoes struck Oregon in 1953 and 1965. However, the victims are not listed on the internet and the 1953 number varies from four to 17 depending on the source. 17 died in 1965. There were five or seven fatalities in tornadoes in June 2010 but I can only find 5 names. Two may have died later or were not in Oregon.

The occurrences
Client has recently rented this location and renovated for the first week, had feelings of uneasiness during that time. Client moved into location on 06/08/12 and has lights turning on/off, doors moving, items moved, heard voices, an occurrence of what feels like biting flies on her legs – (none seen) and possible apparition seen by 1 child.
Previous owner male denied anything.
Previous owner female confirmed seeing a man in a flannel shirt twice in 15 years.
The investigation:
After introductions and initial paperwork, Mark and Terri started to record baseline temperature and emf readings around the house and looking for any abnormalities and taking baseline pictures while Leslie conducted a full interview with the client. Once all baselines were recorded Mark and Terri set up the geophone with video and audio equipment in the upstairs bedroom to record for the length of the investigation.
When the interview was completed, the client took all members on a tour of the house to point out the areas of any unexplained occurrences. During walk-through, team used digital audio recorders, digital cameras, full spectrum camera, Mel meter with rem pod and K2 meter to take readings, conduct various experiments and record the tour and any changes or reactions. Leslie worked with client to give her impression of any occurrences and the various rooms as we went through them. When we got to the basement bedroom we set up video and audio recording devices to record for the rest of the evening.
After the walk-through, we returned to the family room and noticed that the planter in the corner had been knocked over. We compared this to our initial baseline photos and saw that it had been done within a 31 minute time frame.
Next the team and client went outside to check the garage and back yard area. When this was completed, Leslie stayed outside with the client while Mark conducted an EVP session in the great room and Terri conducted an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom.
Once this was finished, we tried a brief experiment with an Ovilus and the client in the dining area of the house and answered any questions the client had before packing up our equipment and ending the investigation.

Evidence review:
All video was negative with no occurrences observed. Photo evidence was inconclusive. 1 Photo does appear to have face in a mirror but due to camera/video angles we are unable to determine if it was a reflection or a matrix. Audio evidence captured upstairs captured 4 Evp’s including “Leslie”, “I’m tough with him”, “hmm”, and “who’s talking”.

At this time we do believe that house does have an intelligent presence due to the evp recorded of “Leslie” plus others recorded. Evidence was minimal for the duration of the investigation except in the upstairs bedroom where we did get 4 evp’s. Planter in great room was knocked into the wall (31 minute time frame) but due to dogs in the house, cannot be used as evidence.


"I'm tough with him"


"Whose talking"

This is the audio with all the processed EVPs put back into the original audio byte. There could be three ghost talking here from the sounds of it
Case status: Open-resolution pending