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Bath, Mi. training session and investigation

Investigation date:
Equipment: 4 static detectors, 1 mel meter, 1 mel meter w/rem pod, 4 audio recorders, 3 still camera’s,
1 ir/full spectrum camera, Temperature gauge, geophone, 2 K2 meters, ghost touch device.
Investigators: Mark, Terri, Matt, Vanessa, Lisa, Kim, George

Investigation notes:
This was a training mission for members of Marter Paranormal and included a special guest, George.
The investigation was very informal as its purpose was for training members with equipment. George ran an evp session from one picnic table in the podium and noticed that a few stationary static detectors would trigger when asked questions, he also later requested someone to try setting them off and they did trigger by request several times.
One member felt her hair pulled and another felt herself being touched during the investigation.

Evidence Review:
Several EVP’s were captured during the training mission, including an amazing class A evp of a child saying “I want my mommy” captured by Lisa and another evp that was in reverse English.

This area has always been very active and produced results, thus the reason we chose it for our training investigation. There was onsite interaction as well as evp’s captured during this investigation.