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Kenton  06/12/13  Wow because this is great job! Congrats and keep it up.

Bert  12/24/2012  Good Site, Stick to the good job. Regards.

Carolyn 9/18/2012 So interesting, I look onward to coming back. 

Ronald  8/31/2012  Nice Website, Stick to the very good job. Thank you.

Krista  6/29/2012  I love the data on your website. With thanks!


Verla  6/17/2012  Just wanted to state Now i am lucky that i came upon your webpage.

Nancy L. Kanitz  6/29/2012  Terri, Excellent job on the History here at the Old Mill Museum!!Thanks again for returning! Best wishes to you all!

Kim K  5/13/2012  Really nice site Marter, hey jazz, i have been to the Traverse Commons many times, it has a vibe all it's own and also got some great photos lots of unexplained shadows.
Webmaster: Thank you Kim!

Jazz 3/10/12  Do you think the TC asylum is haunted today? I know it is condos now, but wondering if the owners of the condos had any experiences or maybe anyone who has rented any condos there experienced anything. Webmaster: I am sure activity happens in the occupied buildings

Jason Nadaskay  2/19/2012  Great page! Glad I checked it out!

Rodger   2/2/2012  Lovely Webpage, Thank You! Keep up the good work.

Matilda  1/27/2012  Lovely Site, Thanks! Keep up the great work.Thanks! Vielen Dank! Machen Sie weiter so, informative Seite.

Brigid Goode- The Paranormal Investigators 10/21/11  Site looks great guys ! Thank you for the link ! It was great meeting you this year in Gettysburg. We look forward to working with you in the future. Happy Hauntings ! :u)

Vanessa Gantner  10/10/2011  I was listening to the recording at Fort Wayne that sounded like "Hear that" what i hear when i listen to it is "Get back" maybe Terri's "escort"? Love the site and all the information. I would love to learn more about the paranormal and the process of investigating it, I'm currently a student at U of M Dearborn majoring in psychology and I'm interested in pursuing a career in parapsychology. I also have some interesting recordings i'd love for you to hear that were picked up from a cellphone and left on a answering machine. The activity was so overwhelming my brother in law moved out of his house. I've done a amateur investigation at a private home, one of the pictures we've captured is very eerie; in the basement back corner there was a doorway which we kept feeling like someone was watching us and the energy was very heavy, the picture shows a figure but not human like spanning the length of almost the full doorway. The owner says the activity has started again. Any advice for a 25 yr old college student deeply inlove with the paranormal field?

Tina Briones Smith  10/9/2011  Good job with the site Webmaster. I'll look forward to your investigations at the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN someday soon

Dave Christensen - Director - Paranormal Investigations  9/23/11  Not much to say, I am not a big talker. Just good luck.

Dan "BigDog" Holroyd  9/20/2011  I look forward to communicating with you and hope to see you at the conference in October...great site...I would love to interview you for the Internet show I do as well?

Leslie Minth   9/5/2011  Very nice work on the website Mark and Terrie, very happy for you. As a psychic medium, I am here for ya's, and will help Marter any way I can.
Looking forward to more with Marter! :)

Amy Wilk  9/05/11  Great Site. Very informative. Looking forward to seeing more of your Evidence when you're done.

Charles Swearegin Asst Dir Fla chapter United Paranormal International & Plant City Paranormal Research   I like the website it offers great info which is important to visitors Terminology,Definitions etc.The bid grey block need to be changed i think it takes away from the site just a bit try to make it transparent if you can with the font the color of you theme color the nice blue..All in ALL i think its a nice site....

David & Pam Spicknall  9/3/11  Great site,very informative.Will check back often. 

Josh Laird    9/1/2011  I was almost first, but thats not important. Congrats guys you are awesome. Look forward to seeing you soon.

chrissy collins   9/1/2011  Wanted 2 stop by check out ur page and show some love.... : )

Stevo Pruitt 09/01/11  Nice site guys... I wish ours was this good