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Willis Residential

Investigation date: 06/10/13

Equipment: Sony camcorders, K-2 meters, static detectors, motion lights, P-sb7 spirit boxes (Closed and open recordings),
Spector wand, Ir/full spectrum camera, digital recorders, Mel meter w/ rem pod

Investigators: Mark, Terri, Beverly, Joe and Will

Baselines: Within normal range except for a few areas

Video:   3.5 hours X 2 cameras (Ir mode)  Ir stills:      196           Photo:  142

Investigation notes:

House is a 1856 structure with documented history in closed head rehab and adult foster care. This location has a long history with multiple witnesses stating experiences with paranormal activity though it has never before been investigated. Former residents have spoken of seeing “small creatures with red eyes” in the basement and also getting locked in rooms for unknown reasons. Locals in the area that have stayed in the house claim they would never do it again. Possible exorcisms at this location cannot be proven but it appears there was at least one and maybe two with a possible “binding” of one spirit. 

Will and Mark

Evidence Review: 
Photo stills were negative. Camcorder review showed one instance of a negative static being briefly partially discharged; this was the only occurrence in all the filming. Use of the P-sb7 spirit box yielded some interesting results in a “closed” system recording. We also used the same system in an “open” system but results were contaminated and therefore have not been used. Multiple EVP’s were also recorded with most being from the basement or upstairs area but a few were captured outside. 

Basement-EVP-"See my dream-What-Go for it" – Male voices in the basement

Basement-Full sb7 clearly a man’s voice saying “Good old Paul said ‘MOVE’”. Followed by a female voice asking “Who said?”.

Basement-EVP-"Be gone" – Male voice in basement

Upstairs-EVP-"Joe" – This was captured by the upstairs audio recorder. Our investigator Joe had left and gone downstairs 

Basement-EVP-"Goodbye" - Terri had just left basement to go upstairs for Pizza, the recorder in the basement caught a male voice say “Goodbye”

Basement-SB7-"Help us sir" – Male voice in the basement caught on the SB7.

Basement-SB7-"Thats good-Thats good-Thanks" – Joe: I tried to get them to trigger the motion sensor and they say, "That's good" and repeated by another individual followed by a "Thanks."

 caught in the basement saying “He’s coming here”.


Due to the location and history we had high hopes of capturing some really good evidence but video and photographic results were what we consider normal while audio results were high though nothing of high quality. Will and Joe did hear via the spirit box from an undocumented young male in the backyard.  All outside audio responses indicated a male child while all inside responses indicated adult activity. Audio activity in the basement suggested a male presence while activity in the upper floors suggested possible male and female presence. There were many audio indicators but none of exceptional quality.

Case status: Ongoing research