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Willis Second
Willis Second

Willis residential - second investigation

Oct 13,2013                    Report by: Jeff

Investigation date:   Sept 14, 2013     Investigators: Mark, Terri, Leslie, Beverly, Jeff, Crystal and  Heather 

Equipment: All camcorders including the Hi-8, Full Spectrum static detectors, motion sensors (thermal, motion and vibration), Geophone, Paranormal Puck,
p-sb7 spirit box – closed system, digital recorders, E pod and Mel meter w/ rem pod.

Baselines: All WNL (within normal limits) except in the dryer room where the Mel meter showed over 50 near the device(s)

Video:  7.5+ hours   Ir stills: 279 ir/fs                      Photos: 22



Investigation notes:
During the investigation, Several Investigators experienced many strange occurrences in relation to pains in the sides, hearing growls in the basement, cold spots throughout the evening. A brick was found to trigger the
K2 to react, it was discovered that this brick was original from 1872. In the large bedroom up stairs, the K2 was constantly going off with Beverly, Jeff, and Crystal. We found whatever was causing this seemed to follow Jeff into the hallway and was not able to replicate by any other investigator at the time... Heather was in the basement and several high reading were observed which was unable to be duplicated by Mark.

Battery drain was a huge problem during this investigation with all camcorders. Hi 8 Sony Handycam kept rebooting with a full charge, that has never happened before or since that night.

A shadow entity was seen by Heather and Mark in the back yard just past the rocks. An entity may have been captured by a cam in the original kitchen downstairs.

Terri and Heather
Beverly and Jeff
Heather and Leslie


Evidence Review:

Many evp's were captured on audio recorders with results sounding more like a attempt to contact us. First investigation yielded many results that seemed more like observations where this investigation results sounded more like an response from someone trying to get attention. “Im here” and “Hello”, etc..
1 - Video cam in the basement captured a evp “hello” with Don and Jeff.

2 - Possible shadowman captured in the front room former kitchen. Distance from bottom of window to ground approx 6 feet..

Grid lights in the old kitchen

Marter Paranormal policy is to post the best and clearest evp's on the website.
This is just a few of what was recorded.


A voice saying "Who took it?"

You can hear people going up the
stairs and a voice says "Right Here"

Recorder in basement, you hear walking overhead.
You hear "I'm Here"

Voice in basement saying “I See her”. Poor quality due to walking and talking overhead.

Recorder picks up sound of women approaching then you hear "Who's that?"



This investigation was timed a week before the full moon in an attempt to possibly get better results during the full moon phase.
We truly feel they are simply trying to make themselves known at this time. 

Case status: Research project