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Dixboro General Store 

Report date:
10/23/14    Report by: Mark

Investigation date:  10/11/14   Investigators: Terri, Joe, Beverly, Janet and Mark

Equipment: Camcorders (2), All digital voice recorders, Kinect, P-sb7 Spirit box, K2 meters, 
Mel Meter w/ Rem pod, motion sensors and cameras including IR/UV

Baselines: Within normal ranges except where noted on field report.

Video:  3 hours x 2         Ir stills:   184                Photo: 62

Website: The Dixboro General Store


In 1833, James Clements bought the property from Captain Dix, the founder of Dixboro. The original “House” was built in 1839. James operated a post office and store in the upright 2 story section while Indians traveling through Dixboro were allowed to sleep on the dirt floor in the cellar. In 1840, the property was bought by John Mulholland who ran the store. John married a woman named Martha and his brother James was married to Martha’s sister Ann. Shortly after John’s wedding, Ann died, followed by John and Martha, leaving the store and property to James Mulholland. Urban legend says that the man who bought the house Martha died in was visited by her ghost claiming she had been poisoned. They excavated her body and testing proved that she was indeed murdered. Though James Mulholland was suspected, he was never charged.

In 1924 the store was bought by Emmet Gibb.  Emmet built a large expansion to the store, doubling it’s size. He built a large dance hall on the second floor, added a barber chair inside and added gas pumps in the front. The upstairs hall held dances every Saturday night and for the rest of the week doubled as a community center. People referred to Emmet as “The Mayor of Dixboro”. In 1964 the store changed from a General Store to an antiques store. Emmet and his wife Nettie ran the store for about 50 years living in the house next door. Emmet died in December of 1972. Since Nettie sold the property a couple years after Emmet’s death, an addition was added between the store and the house next door combining them into one large building. In 1990 the property was bought by Allan and Cheryl Goode who restored the building and reopened the new “Dixboro General Store”. In 2007 longtime employee Steve Dani and his wife Brenda purchased the store and are the current proud owners.

Investigation notes:

This investigation was a filming with the FYI crew for a local TV show. Business sells home essentials and various 
home products including furniture.  During the investigation the fuse box door
opened twice after being closed by Terri and Joe. A light in a rear room was turned off by unknown means. 
Joe had two occurrences with the player piano that started playing, once at the beginning of the investigation
and then at the end of the night. Several people felt occurrences of being touched, hot and 
cold spots and hearing footsteps, although no evidence supports this. 

Evidence Review:

  Audio review was successful with many evp’s recorded showing intelligent responses and interactions to statements and baseline questions. 
Spirit box recordings revealed several evp’s including “I miss the piano” which needed to be reversed. Video and photo evidence - none.

Kinect did record the entire time with one occurrence unexplained. A noise of approx. 4 second duration was recorded (10:30 pm) but the kinect didn’t show any noise in the microphone array. This sound clip was verified by the clients as unknown. During analysis it may be a residual sound of a
band warm up with people talking in the back ground. 

This was captured in the store basement right after Terri asked “Who was the last US president you voted for” and we recorded "Richard".

Joe captured this in the basement. He asked "Is your name Martha? Martha?" and got the response MARTHA

These were caught in the house basement while Terri was taking temperature readings "Hey come on over"

It sounded like someone bumped into something and we captured
this evp which starts with someone saying “Watch What cher Doing”
then a very quick “Give it to me”.


"Hi Matt"

"At least a hundred" - Mark captured this on the SB7

"I miss the piano" - Mark captured this on the SB7. This is played in reverse.

This location has 175 years of history including documented ghost/haunting stories. We at Marter Paranormal feel this location is still very active although the current clients/owners feel the activity has declined in recent years. It is worth noting that one of the EVP's was after we asked "Who was the last US president you voted for?" we got the response "Richard". Richard Nixon was voted into office in 1968 and 1972. Longtime store owner Emmet Gibb passed away in December of 1972, one month after Richard Nixon was voted into office the second time. Further research may yield more information as to who may still be there.


Marter Paranormal would like to express our appreciation to The Dixboro General Store
for making this project possible.

Case status: Open pending further research