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 USS Edson

"The Grey Ghost of the Vietnamese Coast"

Investigation date: 09/20/14               Report by: Heather

Equipment: Audio recorders, Rem pod, Flir one camera, Ir/uv digital camera,

Spb7 Spirit box (2), K-2 meters

Investigators: Mark, Terri, Heather, Joe and Janet

Baselines: Collected "on the go” during the investigation.

Video:  None                 Ir stills:                          Photo: 129

USS Edson Website


USS Edson was built by Bath Iron Works in Maine in 1958.  In 1959, she traveled through the Panama Canal where Long Beach, California would be called “home”. She is a veteran of the Vietnam War, being stationed in the Taiwan Strait and off the Vietnam Coast.  For her service, she received awards Armed Forces Commendation, Vietnam Service Ribbon among several others.  The ship was given the nickname “The Destroyer” and held the reputation as a top gun ship.   The USS Edson was decommissioned on December, 15, 1988 in Newport, Rhode Island.
"Three guns, no waiting"

Mark, Heather and Joe.

Investigation Notes:

This was an open investigation hosted by Metro Paranormal Investigations as a para-unity investigation with 13 paranormal groups. Due to the amount of people, static devices were not possible and we were limited to only what we could carry. We were able to collect several audible voice phenomenon occurrences and many EVPS, one which told Joe to “Get out”, and responses with equipment that we brought on the investigation. Another group actually recorded a whistle evp (much like a ship style telephone) in the machine shop.  

Heather and Joe
Joe and Terri
Mark and Janet

More Photo's

Evidence Review:
No static equipment could be used during this investigation. Audio recordings were once again our primarily source of evidence. Ir photos were inclusive of anything paranormal as proper baselines were impossible on this event. Several audible voice phenomenons were recorded with members hearing it at the time and responding. Spirit box recorded nothing out of the normal.

"Fire at something"

"Fire at something"
Full version

"Get out"

"Breaking habits"

"Mark" Full version
Slighty enhanced

"Hear me"
"This is Satter"


Due to similar experiences between several of the groups and audio documentation, it is safe to say there is something of the paranormal nature on board the USS Edson. Feelings of being followed, hearing whistling, audible voice phenomenon in several places onboard the ship and intelligent evp responses recorded and interaction with equipment are all signs that there is more that meets the eye.   

Mark and Janet

Ongoing research/ new projects

Marter Paranormal would like to extend a big "Thank you" to 
Metro Paranormal Investigations
and the
Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum
for hosting such a great event!